Hawk Alert from Trans Union

Hawk is a fraud detection product that searches the Hawk databases in conjunction with a credit report, Fact, Peer, all TransUnion online products, or other permissible purpose products.

Hawk generates a series of messages that serve as warnings that Hawk customers should carefully examine the address, social security number (SSN), or telephone number corresponding to the message.

Hawk messages fall into six categories:

  • List information - specific warnings about non-residential addresses and telephone numbers that may be inappropriate on a personal credit application
  • Subscriber-contributed information - information supplied to Trans  Union by subscribers or loaded directly by TransUnion's Fraud Victim Assistance Department (FVAD); indicates addresses, SSNs, or telephone numbers used in suspected or confirmed fraud
  • Social Security Administration information - can point out inconsistencies in SSN information
  • System intelligence messages - cross-references the Hawk database elements and TransUnion consumer credit database file information
  • System availability messages - indicate when the Hawk system is partially or completely unavailable
  • Clear for all searches performed - no Hawk matches are found